Celebrity Auctioneer at Dolls’ Auction

23 May
Mr & Mrs Adam Partridge - she's a doll!

Mr & Mrs Adam Partridge – she’s a doll!


Celebrity Auctioneer at the Doll Museum

26 Dec

Vintage costumes, dolls, teddies, toys, memorabilia: over 500 items had to go under the hammer on December 8th 2012. Phantm covered the media angles to gain maximum local and regional publicity in a three week time-frame.

The media package included:
– two BBC Radio interviews
– two ITV Central news features, also on their website
– two articles in the local press also on the newspaper’s website, one by staff, one by Phantm’s principle
– one article in the county press also on the newspaper’s website, by Phantm’s principle
For good measure we contacted some targetted trans-Atlantic bidders to add colour to the media take.

We took oodles of photos and notes, producing six different press releases and making at least 40 phone calls with confirmatory emails to achieve this blanket coverage in the shortest possible time-frame.

The resulting stock of information will assist Adam Partridge Auctioneers (of TV’s FlogIt!fame) to consolidate their reputation on the east side of the UK, as well as helping the Doll Museum itself to progress in its new form.

The Ghost in the Machine

9 Jul

Phantm Public Relations – that’s because public relations should have a swift, light touch and be a perfectly orchestrated, invisible compliment to the client’s aspirations. Unlike Victorian children, PR should be heard and not seen. Like the God Particle it invisibly confers life on an unknown quantity of otherwise duff matter, magnetising satellites and producing gravity.

So what can we do for you?

1. We’re cheap.

Partly because we’re invisible, but also because where we live nobody’s got any wonga. So if you are a microfirm or small trader we can offer you an incredibly cheap package to get you rolling. How does “£50 a month” sound?  That wouldn’t keep you in fags for a week, right? But it might lift your project off ground zero and return it to the stratosphere covered in little spangly bits where it belongs. So if you are new to us and a small business, there’s your offer. But don’t argue.

2. We’re versatile


Editing:from proof reading to ghost writing, any type of material

Journalism: including articles and press releases

Social media: Website content, blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin, u-tube

Media relations:

TV and radio interviews in the right spots


Planning your event, hiring venues, commissioning services and utilities, insurance, personnel


Funding bids, venture capital, business plans, marketing plans

Meeting your influencers: getting you known among the right movers and shakers

Reaching your clients: getting your message to your desired audience

3. We’re experienced

Around in the sphere of PR for over 20 years, CIPR membership and a vast array of projects from serious venture capital acquisition to themed events. Take a look at some of the background on the ABOUT pages